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Sfruttando i principi di ortoacustica sviluppati nella sua lunga carriera dal progettista svedese Stig Carlsson, John Larsen produce una propria linea di diffusori acustici che prendono appunto il suo nome.

Stig Carlsson è stato un progettista di grande grido, balzato alla cronaca per alcune realizzazioni atipiche e incredibilmente performanti che hanno avuto un successo mondiale a partire dagli anni ‘60.
Questi diffusori avevano la particolarità che, per suonare al meglio, dovevano essere posizionati completamente a ridosso del muro di fronte all'ascoltatore.
L’ambiente stesso di progettazione dei diffusori non è mai una camera anecoica ma un ambiente “normale”, quindi con riflessioni provenienti dall’ambiente stesso.
L’ortoacustica sviluppata da Carlsson infatti, tiene in massima considerazione le superfici di delimitazione di un ambiente d’ascolto (pareti, soffitto e pavimento), integrandole in modo completo nel sistema di riproduzione del suono.
Fino al 1997 (anno della sua morte) Carlsson sviluppa alcuni modelli di grande successo (dal 1980 con una propria azienda) tra cui le OA50, OA 51, OA 52 vendute fino al 2006.

John Larsen raccoglie l'eredità di Carlsson, con cui ha collaborato per 16 anni. Amplia e raffina ulteriormente il progetto utilizzando le moderne tecnologie di modelling e nuovi materiali, dando origine ad una linea di diffusori che utilizzano le intuizioni geniali di Carlsson con un approccio più moderno, per un prodotto ancora più performante.

I modelli in catalogo (completamente realizzati in Svezia) sono tre, (Larsen 4.2, 6.2 e 8) con prezzi da 1.400 a 5.800 euro la coppia iva inclusa e si distinguono per l’eccezionale rapporto qualità/prezzo e per le caratteristiche uniche nel panorama dell’HiFi mondiale.
Il modello di punta, denominato Larsen 8, ha ricevuto diversi premi in tutto il modo a cominciare dal TAS Editors’ Choice a partire dal 2015, metre il modello 6.2 dal 2018.

At Larsen´s we have strong traditions in speaker construction – our company has been building them since the early eighties with the ideas from the great Swedish loudspeaker designer – Stig Carlsson. John Larsen, the designer behind the Larsen speaker, worked with Stig Carlsson for sixteen years until Stig Carlsson’s death in 1997.
When we launched the Larsen Speakers brand name in 2007 all the products have been designed by John Larsen (external design) and Anders Eriksson (designed and improved the electro acoustic part). Anders work in formalising Stigs ideas using modern psychoacoustical theories and his own computer models of speakers and it's integration with the room have made it possible to produce more optimized speakers with higher sound quality.

Stig Carlsson was the inventor of the unique acoustic design principle, which is used in the Larsen speakers. A patented design developed by Mr. Carlsson when he created speakers for Sonab in the sixties, resulting in the Sonab OA-4, 5 and 6. In the seventies he created the legendary Sonab OA-12, 14, 116 and 2212. Roy Allison and Peter Snell worked on similar ideas, trying to create speakers that could incorporate the effects surface reflections had on the sound quality of the speakers. In 1980, Mr. Carlsson created his own speaker line, Carlsson Ortho-Acoustic, once again, improving on the design of the Sonab speakers, creating such fantastic models as the Carlsson OA-50, 51 and 52 that were produced until 2006.

John Larsen’s own brand, Larsen, applies the principles invented by Mr. Carlsson and has improved upon these innovative design principles once more, culminated in the creation of the Larsen 8.

Surface reflected sound from boundary surfaces is a part of the recording and listening process. They cannot and should not be avoided, because this reflected sound adds timbre and fullness to the instruments and voices of the musicians.

Conventional speakers are designed for, and tested in, an anechoic chamber. Meaning an echo-free room with absorbent material on all surfaces, a room without sound reflections. Which is why conventional speakers sound dull, lacking richness and color, in a “normal” room, thus creating a huge discrepancy between stated and real performance.

Larsen speakers are designed and constructed to thrive and perform phenomenally in a “normal” room by using the surface sound reflections to its advantage and thereby enriching the listening experience, instead of degrading it.

Larsen speakers are designed to stand flush against the wall, using the wall to create a deep and full bass from a relatively small cabinet. This placement, combined with the unique positioning and angle of the drivers, flanked by absorption material, virtually eliminates the wall behind the speakers, thus eliminating early sound reflections from interfering with the initial direct sound from the speaker.

The Larsen speaker is a genuine Swedish product, with speaker units from Seas (Norway) and Scan-Speak (Denmark), made by Larsen HiFi in Skillingaryd, Sweden, with help from local suppliers. When it comes to our products you don't have to worry that they will be out of date in a year. We work continuously in developing them but when they are ready they will last for several years. And after that, if necessary, we can provide upgrades for all the speakers John Larsen has produced since the early eighties. We believe in evolution and not revolution when it comes to our products. The world doesn't need to be reinvented every 6 month.

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– They are supposed to stand against the front wall which makes them less intrusive in normal living rooms.
– Effects of the above gives that the boxes can be smaller for a given acoustical output and have a slightly higher efficiency which makes them even less intrusive.
– Every speaker model is planned to have a long lifespan. For instance the Carlsson OA-52 produced by John Larsen was sold between 1982 and 2007 with minor updates during the time. There are still upgrade kits for this model from Larsen Hifi.
– The flexible production gives possibilities for the customer to have the speaker in any NCS colour for an extra cost.
– CEO of Larsen Hifi – John Larsen – have a long experience of producing speakers of this kind. Over 27 years.
– Many of the features of the Larsen speakers are ideas from the late legendary Swedish loudspeaker designer - Stig Carlsson - who had designed loudspeaker of this kind for over 40 years and they are appreciated by Carlsson enthusiasts all over the world. Larsen has taken over the heritage from Stig.
– The sound from Larsen speakers is big but still natural with not exaggerated focus and with a bigger sweet spot than normal. The bass is extended and deep without any humps.
– The speakers are an easy load for normal transistor based amplifiers.
– They can be used with small amplifiers and with big. They aren't that picky. We make our products as functional as possible so you don't have to worry about it

What differs between Carlsson and Larsen speakers?
– We use modern (partly unique) techniques in designing them which makes them among other thing cheaper to build with higher audio quality.
– The bass is slightly more extended without being less articulated.
– The focus is better due to a different filter design.
– The design is more up to date and this is beneficial to clarity of the sound.
– We can use techniques that wasn't available in the Carlsson era due too patents.

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