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Larsen 8

Larsen 8

TNT Audio
The Absolute Sound
Positive Feedback


"io semplicemente li ascolterei per ore e ore senza stancarmi mai (...) dischi su dischi, a volumi anche elevati, senza alcuna voglia di smettere." TNT Audio - Luglio 2018

"Le Larsen8 hanno un comportamento sonoro di classe per certi aspetti lontano da alcune impostazioni audiofile più tradizionali che troverà estimatori soprattutto tra gli amanti della buona musica." Audioreview - Aprile 2017

"Se si dimenticano gli stereotipi audio e si allontanano dalla mente le "cose" che delle casse acustiche dovrebbero fare o ciò che la maggior parte delle casse acustiche fa e piuttosto si pensa a come la musica suona in realtà, ecco che questi diffusori diventano clamorosamente interessanti."  The Absolute Sound - Aprile 2015

The Larsen 8 outperforms our smaller models in every aspect. The Larsen 8 is designed to stand flush against the wall. This placement, combined with the unique positioning and angle of the drivers, flanked by absorption material, creates a rich and deep three-dimensional soundstage with a wide listening area. The two basses, working together under 300 Hz. inside separate chambers, create a deep, crisp and precise bass, all the way down to 23 Hz. Above it, a true and clean mid-range, topped off by a clear and transparent tweeter with great dispersion and fluidity. The stainless steel plate around the extremely light polymer membrane in the tweeter is a first; and because it is integrated completely, it reproduces the upper octaves with more body, an amazing treble character and a more linear frequency response.
Neutral, natural and transparent and an amazing ability to recreate the three-dimensional room, with a vivid and visceral tone quality, are just some of the outstanding listening characteristics of the Larsen 8. Feel the excitement of the musicians, as you experience the thrill of the music right inside your own living room. It’s the next best thing to hearing it live.

– Placing close to the front wall which gives low intrusion in the living area.
– Speaker units aligned in the speaker so no extra tilt inwards is necessary to achieve the wanted stereo image.
– Terminal close to the speaker units so the internal cables can be extremely short and don't colour the sound almost not at al.
– Scandinavian produced (everything from the speaker units and the filter to the speaker cabinet).
– Hidden triangular bass reflex port to minimize the problems of port over steer (choking).
– Higher efficiency and deeper bass than from free standing loudspeakers due to support from the close boundaries.
– Optimized for normal living rooms. No extra acoustical treatment is normally necessary.
– Plastic film capacitors and glued inductors for acoustical resonant free sound.
– Built in acoustical absorbers to eliminate the negative effects from the close loudspeaker wall.
– Built in absorbers on the top of the cavity in front of the bass unit to reduce reflections from the floor.
– Sound absorbing material behind the bass-unit in specially selected wool to give a cleaner midrange.

– High end bass unit.
– Polypropylene capacitors in the critical positions.
– Framed in back absorber to make it more efficient (it behaves like it's bigger).

– Dual bass units for larger headroom in the low octaves.
– Flow optimised lower bass reflex port.
– Dual cavities for less interferences between the both bass units.
– High end treble unit.
– Special supporting surface behind the exposed treble membrane to give a cleaner and more distortion free treble.
– Vibration eliminating SD-feets optimized for the weight of Larsen 8 included.
– Extra ambience tweeters aligned and connected in a way to reduce interfering to the direct sounding tweeter.

Specifiche tecniche:
Crossover frequency: 300Hz, 2,5kHz
Sensitivity: 88db
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Bass drivers: 2 X 177 mm
Weight: 25 kg
Dimensions: (H x W x D): 916 x 278 x 328 mm
Finish: Cherry-wood, maple-wood, white or black lacquer

Larsen 8 Larsen 8 Larsen 8 Larsen 8

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